Home & Property Management

Whether you have an investment property, rental property, vacation home, condominium, corporate housing, or maritime property such as yachts and boats, Zoned provides professional and reliable Property Management services tailored around your vision and goals. Our property management services are available for both residential and commercial properties. Along with property management, we also provide Home Management services specifically for clients who may have a vacation home or part-time home that needs preparation for your arrival. This includes managing your home and properties maintenance during your absence, and stocking your home with all the personalized essentials necessary for you, or your guest to have a comfortable stay. 

Site Selection

Zoned has the capacity to perform detailed site selection for your office, franchise, home, or business. Our site selection process includes a detailed evaluation of your project or business needs which are then measured against the merits of potential locations. The process typically includes selecting and evaluating communities, real estate site analysis, and acquisition.


 At Zoned, our goal is to ensure that your vision is met with a comprehensive analysis determining the highest and best use for your property. This also entails representing you and your property interests in local, state, and even federal property entitlements approval processes. Ensuring that your property has the necessary rights and privileges is key to making your vision for your property a reality, and our entitlements services is dedicated to your vision. 

Government Relations

Zoned is able to provide your project, large or small, with essential government relations support. This includes presence at hearings, delivery and filing of government documents, archive research, and permit submissions. Representing your project and interests on the government level is crucial to your project in many ways, most importantly being historical research pertaining to the subject property, entitlements, and permitting.     

Consultant Management

As a management leader, Zoned Real Estate Services has the capacity to lead your project consultants and contractors start to finish, on projects large or small. Zoned will create viable and project oriented solutions to manage, monitor, and follow up with all of your project consultants and contractors, ensuring that your real estate project is on time and in budget. That is our primary goal.


If you find that your real estate project needs an active and successful marketing strategy and implementation, Zoned is the company for you. Zoned will determine and create a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to your projects specific needs while adapting to the constant changes in today's marketing methods.


Zoned can assist in every aspect of the permitting process for your project, from completing applications to pushing an existing permit application through bureaucratic red tape. Understanding that permitting is a major part of what makes a successful real estate project, Zoned can manage and complete the permitting process for just about any real estate project.

Zoning Interpretation

When it comes to zoning, Zoned Real Estate Services can navigate you and your project through the difficult task of zoning interpretation and land use. Whether your project is large or small we realize that understanding the complicated language of zoning can be a daunting task. Zoned can take your project  forward with a detailed analysis of local zoning code and find solutions to zoning codes that may be at odds with your vision.

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